Single invoice

Invoice Front
You have received a single invoice. You may pay it in full or make a partial payment and have the remaining balance automatically carried over to your monthly invoice.
Invoice and account number
Your address
Total amount
Minimum amount
Payment deadline
Partial payment


Monthly invoice

Invoice Front
You have received a monthly invoice. Your monthly invoice includes all purchases and payments from the previous month. You may pay the amount invoiced in full or in convenient flexible instalments.
Invoice and account number
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Administration fee
Total amount
Minimum amount



Who is MF Group?

MF Group is a Swiss payment processor specialised in invoicing services.

Where do I find the Terms & Conditions?

Click here.

What happens if I return my order?

As soons as the merchant receives the returned goods, we will receive a cancellation. Occasionally the cancellation is only transmitted after your invoice has been generated, thus you might receive an invoice, even though you have already returned the goods. The invoice will be updated or settled automatically in the following month.

I have a question regarding my order.

Please contact the merchant. We are only able to help you wiht inquiries regarding your invoice.

I have a moved, how do I update my address?

Please notify us of your new address promptly by completing this form.

I want to purchase products online by invoice. How should I proceed?

Select 'Purchase by invoice' as payment method and then follow the instructions.

I have chosen 'Purchase by invoice' but was declined.

There are several reasons why you may have been declined. For example:

  • You are a minor.
  • You are not a resident of Switzerland or the Principality of Liechtenstein.
  • MF Group cannot verify the address you have provided.
  • Your currently available MF Group account limit is insufficient.
  • Your MF Group account is in arrears.
  • etc.

If you would like information on why you have been declined, please fill out this online form. Processing takes two days. For data protection reasons, we cannot provide information by phone.

How and when will I receive my MF Group invoice?

You will receive a monthly invoice via post in the middle of the month following your order. You may pay the amount invoiced in full or in convenient flexible instalments (min 10% of the open balance).

For purchases at some merchants you receive a single invoice via E-Mail after your items have been shipped. You may pay the amount invoiced in full or in convenient flexible instalments (min 10% of the open balance). Payment must be made via e-banking.

Any remaining balances from invoices already sent to you will be listed on an account statement. This account statement is sent to you by post in the form of a monthly invoice in the middle of the following month, including payment slips. Your account will be charged an administration fee of CHF 2.90. You also have the option of making a partial payment (at least 5 % of the total payable balance) for the monthly invoice.

When does the MF Group invoice need to be paid?

The monthly invoice should always by paid by the end of the month. The payment deadline is stated on each invoice.

When will I be charged a reminder fee and how much is it?

A reminder fee is always due if the minimum amount of a monthly invoice is not paid on time. The conditions according to the published GTC apply in each case.

I don't agree with or question the invoice I received. How do I proceed?

You may object to the correctness of your invoice here.


The account number is shown on your invoice.